10 Things Tuesday

I am stealing this idea from another blog that I follow regularly- she does 10 things she likes Sundays and I thought that was a wicked idea so I am going to post 10 things that I like or inspire me on Tuesdays. Here goes!

1. First I will give credit where credit is due, I got this wonderful idea from this amazingly cute blog:

2. My wedding photographer Amy Dickerson. She doesn't normally do weddings but I happened across the pictures she took of one, thanks to my sister-in-law-to-be. She shoots medium format and I can't wait to see the amazing work she does with my wedding!

3. Goldfinger. I love their music- especially 99 Red Balloons and I Love You More Today Than Yesterday.

4. Sarahseven Her designs are amazing and I love every single one. I wish I had known about her before I got my wedding dress. Hers are so gorgeous! Love the pictures too!
5. Burdastyle They have projects and patterns and a blog and how-to's and TONS of awesome stuff and people. I love looking at the things people come up with. Like this Queen Mab Dress by Damiana_Designs
6. BEST poptarts I've ever had! They even top the S'mores ones!
(enough said)
8. Paper artwork by Peter Callesen found here
9. Pinhole art by Heather Smith Jones found here

10. Last but not least: http://www.explosm.net/ They have some hilarious comics and at the very least I am always entertained!