10 Things Tuesday

Well I haven't updated in a while, I've been crazy busy trying to get wedding stuff together (i.e. invitations) we're sorta falling behind since the wedding is in less than 2 months. I still need to photograph the fabric I got from Sirs when I went with Rebecca on Friday, but here is a preview:

Anyhow, here are my 10 favorite things this week :D

1. Sebastian Mlynarski is an amazing photographer.

2. This way cute book Rabbit Pox by Allison Weiner

"For the Small Plates series, Imprint, the Center's publishing program, invites selected artists and writers to create books of a specific size and theme for quarterly release each year."

3. Miike Snow - Animal (which coincidentally this kick ass music video was directed by Sebastian Mlynarski)

4. Hair styles by this guy Livio Angileri The first one is how I want my hair for my wedding, the second is how I want Rogers.

5. These awesome images from FFFFOUND!

6. A how-to that I haven't gotten around to doing yet, but I am SO going to! It's how to make a fish-eye lens and an example of the result by my dear friend Michelle Postma.

7. This way cute Gallo riding jacket and Echo Polyp clutch purse from hierapparel's Etsy shop. I love the photography too, on Etsy that really makes the product SO much more appealing!

8. Sirs Fabrics. Might as well put that one on here. If you are ever in the south on the border of Tennessee and Alabama, this place is a MUST on your fabric shopping list. They have tables and tables of awesome fabrics (about 75% upholstery but still awesome) and the apparel fabric they DO have is inexpensive and looks one of a kind. Just look at the beautiful satin charmeuse I got! My pictures of my last trip yet to come!

9. Guy Baxter. My photographer Amy was doing a shoot for him and I am so much in love with his clothing!

10. Snow. Winter. Can't. Wait.

(120 film, photo taken by me in Cookeville, early 2009)