10 things Tuesday reincarnated!

Since I no longer have a job (almost) I decided to take some more time to blog, yay! So here goes with my newly reinstated 10 Things Tuesday! Today will be about how much I want to go home to Cincinnati to visit my parents. I have seen them several times since but I haven't gotten to go home since the very beginning of October and I wasn't even married yet! So here are some of the things I am looking forward to doing:

1. Seeing my parents!

2. Going to Ikea with my mom
3. Going to Allyn's Cafe with my dad for some yummy nacho's and POM margarita's
4. Going grocery shopping at Whole Foods
5. Going fabric shopping at Joann's. Hancock just doesn't cut it!
6. Taking Bermuda to the dog park!
7. Reading some good books before bed with my mom :)
(image via Flickr)
8. Going to Noodles and Co. Yumm!
I'm sooo hungry!
9. My mom's popcorn!
(image via foodnetwork.com)
10. Side trip to see Mark and Joanna in Louisville!
2 more weeks to wait!
Oh and and my Happy February post was my 100th! Happy 100th post! Well I am starving, so I am going to go find something to eat, all those searching for pictures of Noodles and Company and popcorn woke my stomach up. Then I am going to work on a little something for a blog update, woohoo! Have a good night!