Last night was soooo cold! I loved it! At 5 AM Luna woke up and I made Roger get up and take her out.  In the meantime, my face was wrapped in a blanket with only my nose sticking out and that just wasn't working for me. I stuffed my face under the blanket- which  normally suffocates me. Anyhow, long story short, I didn't wake up when Roger's alarm went off, when he took a shower, let the dogs back out... not until he sat on the bed to say goodbye. It was wonderful!!! Some of the best sleep I've ever gotten. Although I was nearly blinded when I poked my head out because it was suddenly so bright. 
Right now, the thermometer says it's 55 degrees in here. I am wearing leggings with PJ pants on top, a t-shirt, hoodie, fluffy robe, and bunny slippers. I am drinking hot chocolate with homemade marshmallows, eating cereal, and watching Gilmore girls.