I experienced my first counter-balance loom shortcoming today.

I threaded for this pattern and the tie-up was causing all the vertical blue to actually be horizontal. Essentially I wanted warp floats and I was getting weft floats. I realized this was because when I step on a treadle, the shafts go down instead of up like on a jack type loom. The weaving ended up being upside down. I altered the tie-up and since my loom is a counter-balance it does NOT like to be unbalanced. 
That being said, I had to cut it off, re-thread it and tie back on. Sucks but that's what I am going to work on now. I also had to change out the reed. The yarn I am using is SUPER thick and it was causing too much friction in the 12 dent reed. The smallest I have is a 10 dent- hopefully that'll work a bit better! I'll post pictures :)