Is it really that unreasonable to send a coupon through email and expect you to print it out instead of just flashing your iPhone?!

2 people got mad at me yesterday for telling them I need the actual physical coupon instead of just showing me their email. One guy fussed so much about it saying how unreasonable it was then asked me for a coupon to just give him.  Hell no! The other 2 girls walked out. But really, tell me what store that will actually work with! My goodness!

Pandora had an offer that you 'Like' a credit card on FB and they'll give you 5 free days of PandoraOne (their advertisement free, paid version) It comes with an application so you don't have to even have your web browser open. I totally love it. I wanted to buy the paid version for like a year and just never did. Now I'm not going to be able to go back!