4 Colors down...

I have a ton of work left to do on the piece I am donating to the Huntsville Art League... and it's due tomorrow. F. I have 4 colors done on my silk/soy satin that will be my base piece and I finally figured what I am going to do to kick it up a notch.

I was torn between trying to combine pigment and dyes and hated the previous one I started with the dye for many reasons. I re-started using only pigment. I am going to overlay some soft silk organza with the same design printed on it only in dye, which I will spray with some water to get the colors to bleed for a softened effect. Hopefully this will give me the look I want. I also realized that my 110 mesh screens (4 of them) from the craft center cannot be reclaimed with the chemicals I have here, if at all. So I have only the 4 new screens that I am working with and I have 7 colors I am printing so I will have to reclaim, re-coat, and re-burn them halfway through, lame!
All in all, I've got 4 layers down, 3 more to go on that and 7 to go on the organza... Oh and heading to work at 5:30. Wanna place bets on if I'll finish in time to turn it in before work tomorrow?