7 Day Countdown to Our 1 Year House-versary: Day 4

Only 4 days left until our one year house-versary! Today we're celebrating lights! Rogers office had some terrible track lighting in it that burned so hot and put him in a spotlight every time he was at the computer. This spring we finally got around to switching them out for can lights. It made a HUGE improvement. The closet in his office where we store tools and important papers didn't have any sort of light so we added a can light in there as well.

Lastly, we have a coffee cart in the dining room with our espresso machine that, now painted black, needs some additional lighting. My parents had a really nice antique sconce they were getting rid of so we installed that in the dining room. It looks fantastic and gives off a huge amount of light so we are stoked :)

Check back tomorrow for some more renovations and home updates!