7 Day Countdown to Our 1 Year House-versary: Day 5

Next up in the countdown are the doors. The very first thing you see when you come to our house is the front door and an inexpensive brassy door from Lowes just wasn't cutting it. We wanted to replace it with something that fit the 1930's craftsman style of our house. That meant a trip to the salvage yard in Indianapolis! If you've never been door shopping before- especially for salvaged ones than you have NO idea what a nightmare it is! The store had literally thousands of old doors and I would have been happy with hundreds of them but apparently the size of our door is rather odd and we had a whopping 3 to choose from. Not only that but those three doors ranged in price from $300-$900! Anyow, it was an ordeal but we came home with the perfect door that only needed a month of refinishing work put in to it. As if finding the perfect door wasn't enough of a hassle... the installation day came and went. Then the second day came and it was dark before we finally got the new door front and screen doors installed. *Side note: old houses aren't level or square* After much sanding and trimming and fitting the doors were finally in place and looked beautiful.

My next trip to Cincinnati took me to another salvage yard where this time, the perfect door stood in wait for me. We have a swinging door in leading from our kitchen to our dining room and I use the term "swinging" loosely. In fact the house has shifted so much that the door barely shut- let alone opened! It really just stood there agains the wall for looks. Well I found the PERFECT replacement door and it happened to be just the right size- and only $30! More work for my parents and Roger, but eventually the glass was obtained and the door was installed. Now we officially have a beautiful swinging door in our kitchen!

The last door that got installed was probably the most important- a doggy door! With puppies as indecisive as ours about whether they want to be inside or outside at any given time, a doggy door was a necessity. Installation was a cinch and after a few days the dogs learned it wasn't actually a doorway to hell and started using it. Now they are in an out every five minutes while we don't have to even leave the couch :)

Check back tomorrow for Day 4 of the countdown!