A critter-filled day and a trip to Sliding Rock!

As we play catch-up with the last week, I don't want to get behind in blogging this week. So let's talk about yesterday and Monday! Monday was pretty fun... for a Monday. I made chocolate chip muffins and key lime pie for dessert. Bailey and I rearranged Curosty to make it more weaving focused- because that's what it's focused on now. It looks a TON better. When I went to my cabin that evening to do some laundry, because, yet again, I forgot to send it off Sunday night, I went to my back door and lo and behold- it was being guarded! I don't scare too easily, being out in the woods and all, I expect to see some spiders. Normally I just ignore them unless they are on me... then I freak. Well, let me tell you, This was the king of the wooded mountain that was guarding my door. I had to go call in the resident spider wrangler to rescue me. Luckily she was more than willing to help. Also- so you don't think I'm telling you a fish story- it was the biggest one she'd seen yet! Take a gander:

We walked it far out into the woods to set it free. Finally, laundry time. Well I open my back door and what jumps out at me but a newt! (Monty Python reference anyone?!) He was a cute little bugger so I had to set my laundry bag down and go find my camera to take pictures.

FINALLY it's laundry time. No more run ins until I am taking my laundry out of the dryer. What comes hopping up but an adorable little tree frog! I scooped him up and hauled him into my cabin to take some pictures. (A former camper reminded me of the time they found a frog in the Deduky and I brought it to the cabin to take pictures while they were standing on the beds screaming, oh girls) Anyhow. I know you were super worried, but I got my laundry done and survived another day in the heart of a wooded mountain!

Yesterday was Tuesday. I made lemon poppyseed muffins and brownies for dessert. I was able to finish baking in enough time to go visit Chelsea at archery and even try to shoot a few arrows! I did archery in 4-H but you would never know that by how horrible my aim is. After a delicious lunch of quesadillas, I passed out for a while. A HUGE storm came through and everything was rumbling with thunder for nearly an hour. We got an extended rest hour, which was nice then off to activities where we could show off the new curosty set-up. It was a hit :) I got all the looms up and running and even had time to work on the new one! I just need to tie on to the front and adjust the tie-ups then I'm ready to start weaving! FINALLY!! Yesterday was a mighty productive day actually. During 2nd free swim, right before dinner, Chelsea taught me how to make a spiffy new friendship bracelet which I then showed off to one of the daughters of the camp owners and proceeded to teach her after dinner. I got to spend some quality time with both of their daughters making friendship bracelets on the porch of the hillside lodge. It was a super relaxing evening. Those girls are a hoot! Oh, I almost forgot!! I was sent on 2 different snake hunts as well! A northern water snake in the lake that I hunted for 30 minutes- it was a useless fight, I can't compete with a water snake in his element. Then a SECOND northern water snake (A BIG guy) right outside of the dining hall. That one I nearly nailed. I was inches away from grabbing it with my bare hands because the snake tongs were nowhere in sight. Then as I'm going in for the grab- I hear: "ALLISON!!! NOT WITH YOUR BARE HANDS!!" So I turn around and they are bringing me the snake tongs. I go in to grab him and he slithers out of my grasp! I was SOSOSOSOSO close!! Next time I'm going with my gut- bare hands all the way!

This morning wasn't so great. I tried to make oatmeal cake into oatmeal muffins and used old fashioned oats (which it specifically says not to) because we had them on hand... they failed. Miserably. Actually, I got nearly 3 full sheet pans full, I ended up having to toss around 40. See for yourself!

After that I did't want to be in the kitchen anymore, but I still had dessert to make. I copped out and made super easy lemon bars. Luckily everyone loves them. Thank you Google! While I waited for Michelle to get back from her hike I caught up on a bunch of mail and a few more episodes of Secret Life that I started watching last night. When Michelle got back we rushed to Asheville to try and make our 2:00 appointment at the hair salon to get feather extensions (hell yes!) I found the salon online and it seemed to have pretty good reviews but the lady's weren't too nice. We picked out our feathers and Michelle went first. After the lady pinched the metal ring to get them to stay in, she realized it was in a bad spot because the ring was visible. She put mine in and then tried to move Michelle's. She pinched the metal ring the other way with the pliers and ended up squishing it instead of opening it. Michelle suggested she CAREFULLY try to cut the ring open without cutting the chunk of hair off. A few seconds later, the lady informs us that she did, in fact, cut off the chunk of hair. Woops. Apparently she didn't think an apology was necessary. She ended up having to cut more hair off because the ring was still stuck on, then she wanted to know where Michelle wanted her to put the feathers back in- HELL NO! After all of this, they still charged me full price for mine. NO. Tip. I really like my feathers, but I am super angry with them for the way they treated us. Oh well.

Time for pizza. Mellow Mushroom it is! On the way there, we accidentally drove past Krispy Kreme... and accidentally pulled in the parking lot... and maybe some money fell out of my wallet which they traded for 6 chocolate frosted with sprinkle donuts.... Finally, pizza time! By the time we get our food, it's already time to leave so Michelle can drive a bus of seniors to sliding rock and Dolly's. Since I had to get Michelle back early, I sure wasn't going to miss the trip! I threw my bathing suit on at the last second and caught a ride with some other counselors. Once there, I managed to convince Bailey to go down the rock in the freezing cold water with me. It was a blast! Then it was picnic dinner time and finally Dolly's for ice cream. I tried the Carolina Iceberg Blast- vanilla ice cream with tons of Crunch bar in it. YUM! A good ending to what started as a pretty lousy day.

(Saving a perfectly good uneaten lemon bar from the garbage. "THEY DIDN'T EVEN OFFER IT TO ANYONE!! They just THREW it away! I gladly would have eaten it!" -Chelsea)

(Bailey is trying ALL of the Dolly's flavors and rating them as she goes. This was flavor number 10 for her! Halfway there!)

(Crunch bar and vanilla ice cream= new fave)

(One of our lovely bus drivers!)

So sorry I didn't get these pictures up last night, I was just way too tired! Hope you enjoyed your (my) trip to Sliding Rock and Dolly's!