A day out

Saturday, before I went out to dinner with Callie, I got called twice during rest hour to wrangle snakes. The first was a small black rat snake in a middler cabin that did NOT want to be extracted from the wall. The second was an itty bitty Northern Water Snake in front of a cabin on senior line. He was feisty- as most water snakes are and since he was so small and had a triangular head with a hefty body, we weren't sure if he was venomous. Jeff captured him and we spent 20 minutes looking through my reptile book (thanks dad!!!) trying to ID him. What a cutie pie!

Sunday morning we (Michelle, Callie, and I) woke up early and headed to Poppies, the local natural food store to get breakfast and coffee. They weren't open yet so we went to Walmart to pick up some supplies for later that day: spray paint, mainly. Then back to Poppies. I got yelled at for ordering an iced caramel macchiato- since it's not actually a macchiato without the foam and you can't have foam on an iced beverage. Whatever. Some banana and pumpkin breads later, we were on our way to South Carolina for an adventure. There is a rock there, we later found out is called Bald Rock, that we call Spray Paint Rock just off the side of the road with a spectacular view. We packed up our spray paint and made our way to the rock.

We took a bunch of pictures while we waited for the other people to leave, since it might actually be illegal to "vandalize"... Michelle had been talking to me about Geocaching for a while so afterwards, we decided to see if there were any caches nearby. Sure enough, there were! We searched for about 30 minutes with no luck, oh well!

(cute little bugger!)

What a great view, right? Moving along. We dropped Callie back at her car at Poppies and Michelle and I continued on to Domino's that we thought didn't exist. Well we ordered a pizza and when I called back to find out where they were actually located, we totally thought it was a prank because we were in front of the store and all the lights were off, there were no cars, and the parking lot was torn up. Turns out it actually was open. Who knew! We got our pizza, pepperoni and bacon, and then walked to Walgreens for some drinks. We ended up picnicking behind the Walgreens. After lunch, the Frugal Backpacker and The Diamond Brand were our next stops. Michelle was in heaven- being adventure staff and all! We found these great Nalgene bottles and she bought one for me because I wasn't going to buy it for myself. What a sweetheart!!

(Crazy weather, again!!)

Since we were in the mood for treasure hunting we decided to look for more geocaches. Not only was one nearby, it was actually in the parking lot of where we just were! How convenient!

(My first Geocache!!)

After finding the one, we decided to look for more. One that was supposed to be in a park, was a bust, but we ended up on a backroad trekking through high grass and prickers to find the next one. 30 minutes later, Michelle finally scaled the barbed wire fence to find the cache... on the opposite side. Luckily I hadn't climbed the fence so I was able to retrieve it and find my treasure.

I signed our names to the log, took a plastic toy ant, and replaced it with some embroidery thread. What fun! Back at camp, I was talking to a few people on the porch of the dining hall when some juniors ran up screaming about there being a live baby skunk in the garbage can and why can't we let it go!??!???! Dolly and I went to investigate. Sure enough, there was a live baby skunk in the garbage can! We enlisted the help of the junior line head (and I ran back to get my camera, of course) and we hiked it up to chapel to release the poor guy. He ended up being one of the most adorable spotted skunks ever!

After the skunk adventure, it was up to the hillside lodge for the weekly staff meeting. This week there were no mommy letters to write so we did some fun activities instead. We threw a ball around that had questions about how the session was going and then we wrote positive words of encouragement all over paper on each others backs. It was a ton of fun.

That ended another great Sunday at camp. I came away with a bloody knee from spray paint rock, tons of cuts, scratches, and bug bites from geocaching, a toy plastic ant, a brand new bright red nalgene, and some super sweet messages from my co-counselors.

I know I am 2 days behind, but I'll try and catch up a bit tomorrow. I still have to tell you about twin day and banquet. Have a good night!