A fairy named Sonny

For the last couple of weeks, right after dinner, Eva and Lily Carter and I would spend twilight building fairy houses- actually we built an entire fairy village! We collected various flowers, rocks, twigs, leaves, bark, vines, moss, and anything that caught our interest. Lily and Eva had some grand ideas about creating a slide, fireplace, porch, pet house, lean-to, swing set, and monkey bars. I helped with the logistics and did what I could to make their dreams come to life- they did most of the decorating and arranging though! I am thoroughly impressed with their creativity and sense of design and practicality (the swings and bottom of the slide are padded with moss so the fairies don't hurt themselves!)- maybe we have the next Frank Lloyd Wright or Dorothy Draper  in our midst!?

(you've seen it here first-- I knew Lily Carter before she becomes famous!)