A few updates.

I still haven't started glass blowing which sucks. I don't want to keep messaging her and annoy her into not wanting me but I don't want her to forget!! I want to get started!

I get trained on the back at Gigi's tomorrow. In my head that means I'll get to decorate. In actuality it means I get to wash dishes and have more responsibilities to get in trouble for. Also, some one scribbled out where I had written "Allison's Birthday" on the calendar. WTH.

I really want to show in the Anti-fashion show at Lowe Mill this year- or whenever the heck it is. It was my goal last year and I really really hope I don't miss it!

I have some white cotton-like yarn on my loom that I'm threading up. I am doing 20 epi and am going to screen print on it. I'm still in the process of threading the 260 ends- I should finish that tomorrow. Now that I'm weaving more I want to do ONLY that and not work... But I'm afraid that if I don't work I'll not be motivated to do anything at all.

We get digital cable tomorrow. WooHOO! And maybe our internet will stop sucking too.

I have to make my Halloween costume from scratch and I haven't sewn in since May. I am not feeling motivated. Maybe I'll just be a pirate after all.

Luna gets the hiccups EVERY morning and they are super violent. If it wasn't so cute I'd be annoyed to death. She's hiccuping right now with my bunny slipper in her mouth.

I stopped using that SkinID stuff and guess what? My face looks like 65% better. Weird.

I bought some dry shampoo that Joanna got. Maybe it'll work, then we'll both stink.

No matter where in my house our stupid dining room chairs are, I'll stub my toe every time I walk within 5 feet of one. EVERY time. NO exceptions. Both of my pinkie toes feel broken.

I bought Roger his anniversary gift today and had to use a rarely used credit card so he wouldn't see the charges and find out what I got him. Well the card is so rarely used, they called him asking about this random charge. Way to be sly, Allison.

Well that's enough blogging for one night, Roger's super tired so I guess it's bed time. I solemnly swear to revive the Thursdaily dose of cute next week. Pinkie promise.