A little time spent weaving...

I finished that VERY pink scarf and aside from the color, I am pretty happy with it! About half-way through I got mighty sick of all that pink. I really like the size, shape, and sett (density) so I got Eryn's help to sift through my yarn stash and pick out some more combo's to tie on. Here is a preview of the finished scarf and the color/yarn combo's to come!

I got tied-on and am ready to tension and start the next one. I used a very textured yarn, some chenille, and a cotton or cotton blend. I have NO idea how they are going to interact together and I am a  bit worried about breakage, but we'll see! Depending on if I get a snow day tomorrow, I should be able to get started.

(PS A big thanks to Eryn for modeling my yarn!!)