A new addition...

... to my blog, that is! Although, I totally meant to post it yesterday because it is for Sunday's-- so pretend today is yesterday and I'm not posting my first Sunday post late, lol. I am also not sure what to call it... but here's the deal: 1 thing is something that happened to me last week, the second one is something that's happening today or currently, and the 3rd thing is something I am looking forward to happening in the new week. Sound good?

Past: Last week we spent the entire week moving. I am so drained! Thursday we had 8 people unloading the truck and then got to look forward to unpacking everything! We actually managed to fit all 8 people and Bermuda in our hallway bathroom, it was a sight to behold! Beth has been a HUGE help to me this past weekend, without her I would be living out of boxes for the next year, or at least until my mom comes down to visit. Now, not only am I 95% unpacked, my studio is set up and we can host a big Cinco de Mayo dinner party Wednesday! Woohoo!
Present: Today is going to consist of relaxing. We won't have internet or cable at the new house till Tuesday (5/11!!!!) so in the meantime, our computers are set up at Zach and Beth's house. They are going to be so sick of us by next week-- if they're not already!
Future: Cinco de Mayo is going to be great. We're having fajita's and tacos, as well as some of Taylor's famous margaritas. Thursday is the midnight release of Iron Man 2 and hopefully we can convince my mom to tag along since she'll be here all weekend. Can't wait!!