A shirt that needs a little help

Joanna and I were able to do some vintage shopping this past Saturday while the boys were out picking up my bike(!!) and their coffee table (I'll post about the trip tomorrow). I found a really great blouse at Dot Fox on the fall sale rack. It's from Portland, Oregon by a company called Country Sophisticates. I don't know what it's made of (probably polyester, unfortunately) but it's ridiculously soft and I adore the pattern. Problem is, it's a little too small. When I reach my hands straight out the sleeves are several inches too short.

So here are my options:

1. Trim the sleeves and turn them into cap sleeves.

2. Turn it into a tank top by eliminating the sleeves altogether and tailoring the waist.

3. Give it to Eryn, as is because it will fit her. If she even likes it... sometimes she questions my taste in patterns.

Suggestions? Worst case, I just roll the sleeves up :)