A Very Merry Unbirthday- to YOU!

A little background info before we get to the hundreds of pictures. Tuesday night was BIRTHDAY NIGHT!! WOOO! Basically, we make a cake for the campers and counselors that have birthday's while camp is in session, but so no one feels left out, one night a session we eat dinner with everyone sharing out birth month, and for dessert, each month gets its own cake! Being the baker that I am, I made all 12 sheet cakes from scratch. And the frosting. And decorated them. I didn't have to decorate them, but since I worked so hard baking, I figured I should get to do the fun part! Plus, I had a vision :) It was Candyland themed, so I decided to make a chunk of the board game on each cake. Then, since the theme was based on candy, we would cover the cakes with candy as well: gum drops, licorice, lollipops, and peppermints. (Sound familiar? The lollipop forest, gumdrop mountains, Mr. Mint, Lord Licorice) I worked from 7AM baking and frosting the cakes, but they were a smash hit, and I was super happy with the results. We had leftovers for dessert tonight :)




(Eva, the head of the committee posing with the cakes)

The dining hall was decorated with posters and everyone dressed up!

I didn't get much sleep that night, or the night of the event, but it all worked out well and the kids had a blast. Yesterday I had to come up with a dessert, but since it was cabin day, each cabin had a picnic dinner so dessert had to be something portable. Michelle happened to stop by while I was making the blond brownies, so I put her to work, naturally :)

(She spelled out my name in chocolate chips!)

I also had to make cookie dough but I was tired of the usual M&M cookies so I used a malted milk ball cookie recipe and substituted the malt powder for oreo's and the whoppers for white chocolate chips. YUM! I had to test them out, of course, to make sure they were safe for small children. They passed!

This morning the kitchen was hopping! (Excuse the pun) We found both a skink and a tree frog chilling out in various warm corners of the kitchen (get the pun now?)

I like to think they weren't there for warmth, but instead, the smell of freshly baked cinnamon streusel muffins lured them inside.

I've hardly had a second to rest over the last few days but it was all worth it, because I had a somewhat peaceful leave yesterday afternoon. That is, until the monsoon, of course! It literally rained cats and dogs. I was drenched from head to toe running back to my car from Target. There were also several inches of water that had accumulated on the ground, it was nuts! If that happened in AL everyone would have been in storm shelters because tornadoes would have been next. Actually, it rained harder here than it did at our house when the tornadoes actually did hit! I made it back safely, though, just in time to eat a picnic dinner with everyone in the dining hall. So much for sliding rock, middlers! Maybe next time! Despite my hectic schedule, I did manage to make time to get sick. Hopefully this cold will pass and I can get my energy back- and stop sneezing!!

Tonight was the Western Auction with Jerry Stone (Former camp owner) and I got some marvelous pictures that I'll be posting tomorrow. Stay tuned!