A weekend of camping, baking, and tetherball.

Hey. Remember that one time Eryn and I went to the Rockbrook reunion to bake? Yeah, it was a while ago... like September. When I got my medium format pictures back I had a roll I took that weekend at camp that I had completely forgotten about! I sent them off to Eryn (because, let's face it, she's my most favorite model ever) and she posted them on her blog here today. Well that made me feel like taking a look back at the digital photos we took because I never posted them... woops.. Anyhow, Let's not get in to how terrible I am with posting pictures. Instead, how about I just tell you about that magical weekend at a camp far far away. The weekend started out with the long drive to Asheville, North Carolina. For lunch we hit up The Green Sage cafe in downtown Asheville. Delicious coffee and sandwiches. All around amazing.

Next up was Tops for Shoes. The BEST shoe store I have EVER been in. They have the largest selection for an independently owned shoe store and don't even get me started with their clearance department upstairs. Holy moly.  

Next up was some great vintage shopping! Some of my all time favorite vintage stores are in Asheville.

It was finally time to head to camp!! We had dinner and an evening program with all the former campers and counselors who were in attendance. Rockbrook was founded in 1921 and some of the people there go back almost as far. The stories they told were so amazing! 

Saturday morning it was time to bake, bright and early! We made muffins and cheese straws and so many other goodies!! While we were baking, we  found a wee little ringneck snake-- it is camp, afterall!

For Sunday brunch Eryn and I decided to be ambitious... think 125 individual servings of crème brûlée... Since we couldn't find that many ramekins we had to buy disposable muffin tins, cut them apart and fold under the sharp edges before filling and baking in a water bath. 

The pretty view of the hillside lodge and flagpole as we started off on a mid-afternoon hike to Rockbrook falls. (Yes. I actually got Eryn to hike!) I also took several medium format photos on the hike!

One of my favorite photos ever. So dreamy :)

The weekend also consisted of spending as much time as possible with 2 of my favorite girls in the whole wide world. Lily and Eva- I just love them and they are SO photogenic :)

Saturday dinner was a typical Rockbrook event, SO MUCH SINGING!

Pretty camp sunset!

Oh, how could I forget the copious amounts of tetherball played that night!! Those were some intense games!

Saturday night was spirit fire where we all gather around the camp fire telling stories and singing songs. At the end everyone lights a candle and walks around the lake singing- it's quite a tearjerking event. 

After spirit fire, it was such a gorgeous night that Eryn and I went down to the tennis courts and layed on the ground for hours just talking and watching for shooting stars. It was so zen. 

Sunday morning came far too quickly and it was suddenly time to brûlée!

(My 3 favorite baking assistants of ALL TIME!)

The entire weekend going in and out of the cabin was an acrobatic act-- this spider had made its home in our doorway and I was too stubborn to remove him for Eryn's peace-of-mind. He was guarding us from the mosquitos!! 

After a long weekend of "roughing" it in the woods we treated ourselves to some yummy chicken nuggets-- which seem to be the end to all of our road trips together... 


Eryn, why do our lives revolve around coffee and chicken McNuggets?