Alaskan Adventure: Denali

We finally made it north to Denali and boy-o-boy. We were yet again blown away by the beauty of the forest and landscape. We got on the very last bus tour of the season along with a bus full of retired Australians ready for an adventure. We couldn't stop laughing at their accents and the silly way they were joking with each other. There were several quips about not sitting on the boxed lunch that was on each seat. By the 3rd time we heard them joke about it we were practically in tears laughing so hard. On our way into the forest we had to pass through a ranger station where we were told it was 13 degrees in that river valley. We sure felt it- super bitter, especially compared to the 75 degrees we just left! We had to have the windows of the bus open in order to keep them from steaming up and be able to take pictures. Because of how near to the harsh winter we were there wasn't much wildlife out and about. We did get to see a moose cross the street (to get to the other side!) and a couple more off in the distance, but really we just admired the autumn foliage while scanning the landscape for bears! The entire drive up to Denali we saw Mount Denali (more commonly known as Mount McKinley) in the distance, and on this trip we got as close as possible to it- around 40 some miles from base camp. The driver kept telling us to take pictures of it while we could see it because by the time we roll up to the viewing place it could be concealed in fog and clouds. We didn't take him seriously but still took as many pictures from as many different views as possible. It was a magnificent sight!

Denali-1 Denali-2 Denali-3 Denali-4 Denali-5 Denali-6 Denali-7 Denali-8 Denali-9 Denali-10 Denali-11 Denali-12 Denali-13 Denali-14 Denali-15 Denali-16 Denali-17 Denali-18 Denali-19 Denali-20 Denali-21 Denali-22 Denali-23 Denali-24 Denali-25 Denali-26