Alaskan Adventure: Hike, Part 2

Here are a few more photos from our ridiculously long hike the first day we were in Anchorage. Roger took several of these- including the one of my muddy leg right after I tripped going up a hill. Oh, and apologies in advance for the muddy sock picture at the end, it just sums up the hike pretty well. Anchorage-29 Anchorage-30 Anchorage-31 Anchorage-32 Anchorage-33 Anchorage-34 Anchorage-35 Anchorage-36 Anchorage-37 Anchorage-38 Anchorage-39 Anchorage-40 Anchorage-41 Anchorage-42 Anchorage-44Anchorage-45Anchorage-46Anchorage-43