Alaskan Adventure: Seward, Part 1


After a very full (and thoroughly exhausting) first day in Anchorage, we drove south to the port town of Seward. We were scheduled on one of the very last boat tours to the glaciers. The temperature that far south was mild- around the mid 40s but the closer we got to the massive glacier the colder it got- obvs. On the way out of the harbor we immediately saw a sea otter just chillin in the calm water. He was adorable. As we moved further out we saw a several bald eagles as well as a mountain goat on the sides of the cliffs.

As a special treat we even came across a young humpback whale! We got fed some delicious food on the boat on our way to the Aialik glacier. For some reason I kept thinking that we were going to see an iceburg, not a glacier so I was a little confused when we pulled up- but once I realized the two aren't the same thing I was completely blown away by how massive it is. There were large chunks of ice floating around in the water and we even saw a few jelly fish among them. Also a stealthy harbor seal Roger snapped a few photos of before he hid himself again.

The ship captain pulled a large chunk of glacial ice out of the water while we were parked taking pictures and on the way back they offered up margarita specials using that fresh ice! We all indulged and they were delicious! Not too far from the harbor, on our way back, we spotted 2 pods of orca whales. This was probably my favorite part of the boat ride. They swam right up along the boat and Roger tells me it was pretty funny to see this mass of people running with their telephoto lenses  from side to side to try to get the picture. Yes. I was among them. No shame :)

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