Alaskan Adventures: Driving North

The day after the boat tour we drove pretty far north up towards Denali Forest. It was a long drive- around 7-8 hours, but it was So. Beautiful. The view the entire way was a combination of mountains and water. Absolutely breathtaking. One of my favorite things about Alaska is that anywhere we drove, highways or side roads, had pull offs for cars to stop and take in the view. I mean there was one probably every 5 miles. They are probably useful for bad weather conditions and super heavy snow, but I like to think Alaska just knows how beautiful it is :) We stopped at the cutest little coffee cup kiosk for some caffeine and then for a quick hike to Exit Glacier. Aside from the views and ability to pull off the road to appreciate them my next favorite thing about Alaska is the copious amounts of coffee available. Seward is a really small port town and they have little coffee shops and kiosks like the one we stopped at everywhere! We experienced that pretty much everywhere- no matter how uninhabited the area! LOVE LOVE LOVE Alaska! Oh, and don't even get me started on the seafood. One of the places we ate at is famous for its "buckets of buts" which is a bowl of battered and fried halibut nuggets. OMG, my stomach is growling just thinking about that delicousness!

We had to drive back through Anchorage on our way north so we took a quick stop for some food and souvenir shopping. It was a balmy 75 degrees and sunny! We were walking around in just our shirtsleeves! We also found an amazing little restaurant where I partook in their famous Kodiak Benedict- an eggs benedict with crab cakes instead of Canadian bacon! Yum! Day2-1 Day2-2 Day2-3 Day2-4 Day2-5 Day2-6 Day2-7 Day3-1 Day3-2 Day3-3 Day3-4 Day3-5 Day3-6 Day3-7 Day3-8 Day3-9 Day3-10 Day3-11 Day3-12 Day3-13 Day3-14 Day3-15 Day3-16 Day3-17 Day3-18 Day3-19 Day3-20 Day3-21 Day3-22 Day3-23 Day3-24 Day3-25 Day3-26 Day3-27