Alaskan Adventures: Hike, Part 1

I finally got off my lazy butt had a few free hours to go through the thousands of photos we took on our trip to Alaska this past fall. My parents, Roger, and I went sort of spontaneously- we only had 2 weeks to plan the trip. It was also the very end of the season up there so most of the trips and tours we went on were the very last offered until next spring. Luckily, we were able to book the most important ones and we'll save the rest for the next trip. When I say I took thousands of photos- I am not exaggerating. Alaska is THE most beautiful place I've ever been. Also not an exaggeration. Roger and I could definitely see ourselves living there in the distant future. We started off in Anchorage where it was around 60 degrees and sunny. The first day we had a "family friendly" hike planned to see some of the native flora and fauna. Apparently the two guides thought my family and the other retired couple in our group looked extra athletic because they decided to do the "full loop". By the end of the hike we were exhausted from not stopping to rest, starving, and in some serious pain. The family friendly hike ended up being nearly 7 miles long. Yup. Not to mention we had to trail blaze at least 75% of the terrain due to the tremendous amount of rain they had the week before flooding the trails. A good 2 miles was in chest high grass and most was through boggy areas drowned in ankle high water. Despite the pain and agony of the hike, it was the most beautiful day outside and the landscape was mindblowingly beautiful. Every view was more beautiful than the previous one with the short fall season showing itself at every turn. Oh, and I can't forget about the too-close encounter we had with the biggest bull moose ever, a delicious latte from an adorable little shop, and a beautiful rainbow over the Alaskan Railway station.

Enough of my blathering, it's time for an avalanche of photos. These are a combination of my D7000, Panasonic Lumix, and iPhone. Here is part 1 of many:

Anchorage-1 Anchorage-2 Anchorage-3 Anchorage-4 Anchorage-5 Anchorage-6 Anchorage-7 Anchorage-8 Anchorage-9 Anchorage-10 Anchorage-11 Anchorage-12 Anchorage-13 Anchorage-14 Anchorage-15 Anchorage-16 Anchorage-17 Anchorage-18 Anchorage-19 Anchorage-20 Anchorage-21 Anchorage-22 Anchorage-23 Anchorage-24 Anchorage-25 Anchorage-26 Anchorage-27 Anchorage-28