Alastair Mackie

I just discovered this artist named Alastair Mackie via MyLoveForYou, his work is so inspiring!
Just to get a taste, this is a dollhouse made from the pulp of wasp nests. He takes things found in nature and reworks them. He transforms them from Mother Nature's works of art into man-made works of art.
For this installation, he collected barn owl droppings and dissected them, separating out the mouse bones from the fur. He then spun the fur and wove the resulting yarn on the loom. The bones were left in a pile on the other slab of concrete.
This sphere is completely made up of mouse skulls and the picture following is of the sphere back in it's "natural" element- a.k.a. skulls from the owl droppings returned to the place they were found.
I have a lot of respect for this artist Alastair Mackie.