An old list

I am so bored right now, and I happen to be sitting at my neglected desk looking at some papers. I came across a list I made about dying fabric and I figured I'd post it in case any of you readers were thinking of delving into the wonderful world of hand dyed fabric and clothing. 1. When you do a test strip in navy and it turns out maroon, you probably did not use the cup of navy dye.

2. If the water in the washing machine looks darker than your test, it probably is and your fabric will probably be darker as well.

3. If you choose not to use a dust mask when mixing dyes, the next time you sneeze, you're in for a colorful surprise.

4. Wear gloves when you wash your fabric out otherwise you'll end up looking like a smurf

5. There are more shades of white than you could ever imagine.

6. You can paint dye onto fabric with ANYthing. Even Cheezits. Just don't eat them afterwards.