Anti-Fashion Show 2011

The fashion show was a success! We had a ton of fun and it turned out better than expected. The show even made it into the Huntsville Times!

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama - Bubble-packaging material doubled as a pashmina shawl. The bright hues of duct tape meshed to form a strapless cocktail dress. A ball gown was embellished with white shower puffs.

But the folks at the Flying Monkey Arts Center couldn't care less about their outfits being ripped to shreds by Joan Rivers. That's why Karma Rags and the Flying Monkey Theatre hosted the third annual Anti-Fashion Show on Saturday night - to rebel against the so-called "en vogue" styles of the runway.

Cheryl Carlson, Karma Rags owner and Flying Monkey board member, said there are certain marks for the models to hit, but "they have a say on what they do when they are out there."

And they certainly did, with models of all ages, shapes and sizes strutting the unconventional runway wearing everything from glittered sneakers to an Elvira wig. One was even hula-hooping. Models donned outfits by local designers and upcyclers - designers who alter garments to give them a new look.

Everything from costumes to vintage-blend outfits to more avant-garde pieces were featured throughout the night.

Like what, you may ask? Patchwork-clad evening gowns, hand-dyed hemp and organic cotton board shorts, whimsical butterfly-print jumpsuits and a "book page dress" made from, yes, recycled paper, were some of the night's standouts.

The anti-fashion show, with a portion of proceeds from the event directly benefiting the Flying Monkey Arts Center, began with vintage and vintage-blend clothing provided by Karma Rags. After the musical break, the do-it-yourself designer clothing and privately held vintage clothing were showcased with a chocolate and wine reception following.

"It's a way to sort of not let mainstream fashion inform your choices," said Carlson. "It's about wearing what you like, what's comfortable and when, where and how you want to."


Here is a highlight of our 4 pieces:

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(PS I wore that bubble wrap pashmina shawl that the article mentions!!!)