Approximately 10 things

- I restocked the liquor cabinet with amaretto so it's going to be a good week :)

- Roger swears that he's seen 2 hamsters on the side of the road while he's driving. Actually, 1 was a guinea pig.
- Monty is still lost :( We saw him slithering around his cage Friday but by Friday night he was gone. He's an Arizona Mountain Kingsnake about 3 feet long. There is a reward for anyone who finds him: a fresh baked dessert!
- Vacation in T- 10 days! We'll be sitting on the beach soaking up the rays in between diving in the crystal clear tropics :)
- I ordered some yarn to weave my first rug. I even have the pattern and everything picked out. I cannot wait!! It's going to go in the hallway to cover the emergency heat vent right in the middle of the floor.
- I just read a book called Fool by Christopher Moore. It made somewhat of a mockery of King Lear which I greatly appreciated. I had to read King Lear in college and I didn't enjoy it whatsoever. My teacher was a jerk too, so that didn't help the cause. Anyhoo, this book made it ALOT more enjoyable :)
- We got a new dryer and it kept blinking "AF" for air flow. Turns out the vent on the outside was clogged by approx 20+ years of lint. We fixed that and now the dryer runs perfectly... the old dryer probably would have as well, but it turns out that my dad didn't check that part.... oh well.
- Roger and I are having a blast playing Rock Band. I want to get some new songs though, some that we actually know.
That's it. Not really, but all that I can think of right now. I'm going to go make a chess pie.