Back at home

Not too much has been going on at home lately. I'm just happy to be back. I am actually in the mood to cook and bake- surprisingly. I think it's because I can make just one serving of things instead of having to multiply every recipe by 20... Oh, 36 cups of flour? No. Big. Deal. 1/2 cup of baking powder- totally normal! Lol. I've also been catching up on TV, my DVR has been working it's little butt off all summer and was 99% full when I got home. 56 of those were various Hoarders episodes... Don't judge me. I only have 34 left to go :) Then I have to catch up on Pretty LIttle Liars, Secret Life, and Project Runway.

I got started on a sample on the new Schacht loom I bought over the summer. I've been SO excited to get started on it and spent hours thinking of what I wanted to make to utilize all 8 harnesses. The pattern I finally decided on only uses 4, but that's alright. I had some spare cotton/linen from my last batch of tea towels so I worked up a sample to possibly use on the new colors I bought at the beginning of the summer. So far I am really happy with the pattern, but even more happy with the loom. It's like it's begging me to weave up something amazing. I don't have to fight with it, like I did with my old Leclerc. Granted, the new loom is only 15 years old as opposed to 80+, but still. It is So user friendly and just plain easy to make something incredible. In fact, I am so inspired to finally start working on my dream project that I ordered some new super fine yarn to get started :) :) CAN'T. WAIT. !!


I said goodbye to Eryn on Sunday and she is officially moved to Auburn. I miss her tons but I get to see her a week from tomorrow and spend an entire week with her- even a road trip to Asheville and camp!! Expect some amazing blog posts and a city guide to Asheville!

Before I get to see Eryn again, I get to visit with my parents. They are coming up this weekend with some amazing furniture in tow- a new bench for our kitchen table, a beautiful new headboard, and a french things... pictures soon. We are going to make a Thanksgiving dinner Saturday night (turkey, potatoes, gravy, stuffing, and pumpkin pie) and then go see Harry Pottter 7.2. Sunday we are going house hunting! YIPPEE! I am REALLY looking forward to this weekend.

Thursday we have a date with Zach and Beth for wings and Project Runway. We haven't hung out with them in quite a while, so I am super excited to catch up. We're even having Gigi's cupcakes for dessert!

In the meantime, I am going to get back to working on my loom, watching Hoarders, and finishing up 3 months worth of laundry (thanks Rog)