back from the dead pt 1: TTT

As the title suggests, I am reviving my Ten Things Tuesday posts! YAY! For those of you newcomers it's basically a list of the things I am obsessing over that week. For those of you who have been around since the beginning (ahem, Joanna) you're welcome :) (j/k) So here goes! 1. I've been hanging out with Eryn too much. She is pretty much always bored with her hair and that gets me thinking about how bored I am with my own hair. Lately she's been wanting to dye her hair back to a bright orangey-red which is completely growing on me (see Eryn's hair post here)

I don't think red is for me so maybe I'll go back to pink! The question is: Bubble gum or fuchsia? Highlights or all over?

2. Last night while catching up on some Conan (the Valentine's day episode had me in stitches!!) I rediscovered my love for Lykke Li. She performed Get Some off of her new Wounded Rhymes album. It was amazing!! The hard beats complimenting her unique voice is a winning combo!

3. I cannot stop thinking about tattoos lately. I am still totally in love with the feather design the amazingly talented Chelsea drew for me, but I am also wanting something that speaks to who I am. I really like this one:

(via here)

But with some tweaks. We'll see what Chelsea comes up with!

4. I. Want. A. Record Player. That's a fact. And the first album I'm buying to listen to on it is going to be Wounded Rhymes.

(Obsessed, I know!)

5.  Roger and I watched Reaper ALLL day Sunday and it was great. I didn't realize that there is only 2 seasons and when we finished the last episode I felt so incomplete!! I NEED MORE!

6. One word. POLYVORE!!



7. Totally loving grainline's blog right now.  Such inspiration and her tiny pocket tank is adorable! Can't wait to make my own!! Also, she's a fashion designer living in Chicago... living my dream much!
8. Just thought I'd mention that I am writing this post to the beat of a drumline... yeah. Better than the usual sound of sirens, right?
9. Totally love last years spring trends, where was I??!
(AND It's like 1 minute from my house. Yep)