Barack's Stomping Grounds - Highlights of my trip

What an adventure! Sunday I flew up to visit with Mary Ellen (whom I haven't seen since our little reunion in June) and it's been a busy week! Early Monday morning we drove with her mom and sister to DC where we shopped till we dropped!
We had no problem navigating the subway system, and with our map, guidebook, and fanny-packs we fit right in!
Joe Biden offered to take the picture for us so we could have one of us together, thanks Joe, you still owe us those drinks you promised!
Don't be fooled, you may think we are still in DC but we are actually in Baltimore, MD. While I was focusing the camera my ipod was being stolen by a 13 yr old sk8r boi. He was rocking out to some Jonas Brothers and looking a little too suspicious. We chased him down and gave him a few good kicks to the ribs before he finally gave it back. When we got back in the car, we realized my ipod was there all along... we hightailed it back to DC with sirens blaring the whole way.
We ate dinner at the white house, Michelle was such a great hostess!
B-rock talked to the cops for us and got us off the hook and then Sasha showed us her American Girl Doll collection.
To make up for the altercation in Baltimore we were sent first class to Wiltshire to see Stonehenge. It was neat although there was an unfortunate incident involving Jada and a colossal furry caterpillar (the bugs in England are Land of the Lost or SyFy esque).
All in all, it's been a rather uneventful week in the lives of Allison Volek and Mary Ellen Moomaw.