Belated Past Present Future

How Luna likes to perch to chew her bone:
What's on my loom right now:
I set up the table runner warp that was going to be for my mom and I just couldn't get results I liked. I ended up pulling some stripes out, tying on and replacing parts of it. I still couldn't find weft that I liked well enough, the pattern was either WAY too bold and incorrect or nonexistent. Either way, JoAnna said something on her WONDERFUL blog that if the project on your loom is keeping you away from it, just trash it. I KNOW I can make my mom a table runner I am proud of so this warp is just going to go for practice. I am going to dye it with coffee once it's done and see if I'll be able to use it for anything at all. Then I am going to make a scarf with some wonderful undyed baby alpaca/merino wool and then start a weave-along! All the while, I'm going to be brainstorming/yarn shopping for a successful table runner. 
I spent most of the day in the hot shop with Sue and the Other Allison making chili peppers. It. Was. A. Blast. I haven't spent that long or had that much fun blowing glass since probably high school. Plus, I got paid for it and felt like I actually earned it this time! We were dancing around each other like we all knew what we were doing, I loved it! 
Chicken nuggets are in the oven right now, Roger is playing Black Ops and I'm going to spend my night perusing Forgotten Bookmarks. Tomorrow will consist of hopefully sewing up some pillows and then Gigi's 3-close. 
Oh check out Joanna's new design blog. I am really excited about it!