Bele Chere

Last weekend I had leave with Chelsea Bighorn. We asked around for anything going on in Asheville and boy, were we in luck! An annual arts/food/music festival called Bele Chere was happening! As soon as the clock ticked 6pm we were on our way. We may have gotten lost and accidentally found ourselves in the Krispy Kreme parking lot, but after that, it was STRAIGHT to the heart of downtown Asheville. The biggest thing I hate about festivals is the parking situation- as luck would have it, we managed to snag a spot less than one block from the festival so it was all fun from there! We were both starving and wanted Thai or sushi and since I knew of an amazing Thai/sushi restaurant, that was our first stop.

It must have been our lucky night. When we arrived at the restaurant we were told it's all you can eat sushi for $20 and $2 beer! Wahoooo! We ate a lot of sushi. And drank a lot of beer. It was a magical night.

Despite my love for fine cuisine... I have a secret harboring for fair food. All that grease and sugar- mmmmmmm..... I had to pass by the deep fried turkey legs and 7 layer funnel cakes though because we were on a mission to get wristbands so we could buy beer from the local breweries. That turned out not to happen though because they closed up shop at 9 and, like I said, we ate A LOT of sushi so it was well past 9pm.

We ended up just wandering up and down the streets, stopping here and there to listen to protesters and preachers. The guy below was holding a sign that said "Fuck this guy" with an arrow pointed to the man next to him preaching. As soon as we passed by, a young dude ran past him and grabbed the sign- tearing an entire side off-- hence the pout.

One street that we turned down, on the way back to our car had apartments overlooking it. On the balcony of on apartment, there was a DJ and bubble machine!

(Random window display because Eryn, we should make these to decorate your apartment!!)

The next morning, after eating an absurd number of Krispy Kremes from the night before, Chelsea and I headed back to Asheville to do some shopping. We got lucky with another great parking spot, too! First, we hit up my favorite vintage store, Rag Time, then went to Mellow Mushroom for lunch when we discovered that they weren't selling beer--- because it was Sunday.

After lunch we went to a couple thrift stores that the girl from Rag Time  recommended. Neither of us was really in the mood to thrift and we were both EXHAUSTED so we called it a day and headed back to camp where I took a very long nap.