Big news!

Wow, I have had a busy weekend! Early (too early) Saturday morning Roger and I got bundled up to go help out Animal Trax at the Street Fest. It was a lot of fun, we saw the parade and I got 2 pieces of candy that I may or may not have stolen from the hands of a 4 year old standing in front of me. Then we had to rush to pick up some pictures I got printed and gather all my stuff to set up a booth at the Flying Monkey. We got there a little late, but all was good.

Got everything set up and immediately met someone that does screen printing for a living. Turns out he works at a screen printing studio/business that he opens up to cool people who need a place and the equipment to print---- um, ME! Anyhow we set up a meeting to see the place last night and it was totally more than I ever could have imagined! I felt like such a noob! I don't even want to claim I know how to screen print now. Anyhow I am going to meet up with him for a lesson for a few hours a week from Thursday and then I can start printing again, YAYAYAYAY!!!! I am so unbelievably excited! More about that, but more on that later.
After we met him I saw a girl I knew from the craft center and we got to talking, I had a few classes with her but never really said more than 'hi.' She was selling her pottery there though, so she was able to give me the scoop. That was awesome because maybe I have a friend here now?! I got to talk to her for an hour though, which was good because business was slow; for pretty much everyone actually.
Moving on, near the end of the day a couple walked by and noticed Roger looking through our Amsterdam books and the husband got to talking to him and the wife talking to me. Turns she does a lot of wearable art, has a studio at Lowe Mill (Flying Monkey) and is totally interested in screen printing, dyeing, etc. Long story short, we hit it off like crazy and I asked where she lives-- SAME FREAKING COMMUNITY AS ME! Yeah, she is in a HUGE house at the front of the subdivision, .9 miles from me. Crazy, huh?! So I asked her if she was interested in joining the BurdaStyle Sewing Club and if she knew anywhere to meet and we got on the subject of studio space in general. She Facebooked me yesterday and we met up today to discuss the possibility of using her HUGE basement/workshop as a fibers studio!! (more than a possibility now though, it's happening!
Even longer story short, I now have a place to burn my screens and do T-shirts, scarves, etc with this totally awesome artist; I have a friend in the neighborhood; I have somewhere to set up all my screenprinting stuff and someone to collaborate with!!!!!!! We are talking about making an entire line of work together and do a fashion shoot (she's obsessed with abandoned buildings too)
Ok, so now I sound like a crazy stalker, but seriously, how much of a coincidence is all that? I sat there for 4 hours, didn't sell anything but may have just taken a HUGE step in the right direction towards my future goals. I am really excited, can you tell?!
Meanwhile, I was thinking about designs like nutso yesterday and kept waking Roger up to tell him stuff, he didn't appreciate it much, lol. I have these issues with being creative and I go through this entire creative process as I come up with ideas, it's never happened as quickly last night so I was able to recognize each step and realize I go through that with every huge idea I come up with. The process is very similar to the 7 stages of grief, really similar. Let's compare:
The 7 stages of grief are:
1. Shock and Denial
2. Pain and Guilt
3. Anger, bargaining
4. Depression, reflection, loneliness
5. The upward turn
6. Reconstruction
7. Acceptance and hope
My Stages:
1. Frustration
2. Light turning on gradually
4. Think, think, thinking
5. Discouragement, disappointment, despair
6. Realization
7. Acceptance and hope
So a bit of a different order, but ultimately very much the same, weird huh?
Ok, so my new project is going to be learning how to print on paper, poster style. I was really interested when I saw the work Jaclyn did (still need to frame that) and now Greg (screenprinting guy) said it's really easy so I'll just get him to show me how! I had my epiphany last night and I hope I can do what I want with it and get it to work right, don't really see why I wouldn't be able to. That's all for now, I may not be able to post tomorrow, I'll be driving most of the day home to Cinci, but Wednesday for certain!