Birthday cake!

Roger's 2 birthday ice cream cakes!
The first one is his REAL cake. It's based on the Bushwacker drink he had and LOVED in the Virgin Islands. It's all homemade- no ready-made :) The frosting and cream layers are coconut rum infused whipped cream. The top ice cream layer is amaretto flavored, then a layer of toasted coconut, and some whipped cream. Next layer down is Kahlua and coffee flavored ice cream, a layer of toasted coconut and one more layer of whipped cream before the final layer of ice cream: bailey's irish cream flavored. The crust is ground up coconut macaroons (ok, those were store bought!)
The second cake was a necessity due to the fact that half of our guests don't like coconut! Theres is the same general idea, same ice creams, no coconut layers and almond flavored whipped cream.
Had my ice cream machine not failed me, the textures of the ice cream would have been creamier. The flavors all came together very well though and I completely satisfied artistically. Oh, and Roger LOVED it! :)