Birthday Weekend Take 2: Atlanta

I had a wonderful birthday weekend celebrating with my family, but I wanted an opportunity to celebrate with 2 of my closest friends- and it was as good an excuse as any to take a road-trip to a city I'd never been to: Atlanta! Eryn, living a mere 2 hours away in Auburn has spent many a weekend exploring the city so she was our designated tour guide. I got an early start on Friday so I could scope out the hotel before Eryn and Mary Ellen arrived. I took advantage of the free hotel shuttle and got the driver to take me to Condesa Coffee (recommended by Eryn) where I had some delicious hummus and a tasty vanilla latte. Remember that one time I wrote 3 blog posts in one day? I wrote those while waiting patiently for Eryn to arrive after class.

She finally arrived after sitting in traffic for hours, but let the pictures begin! Oh and she surprised me with an adorable handmade (by her!) rosary style necklace for my birthday!

After coffee, our first stop was the mall. Madewell and Zara made the first dents in our wallets! Then it was off to Little Five Points for some pizza and beer. The pizza was delicious, although there was a parm accident....

By 11 we were ready to head to the airport to wait on Mary Ellen's flight. It was delayed a bit but finally made it! Of course I was too excited to see her and introduce her to Eryn for me to actually get any pictures. I did take a photo of the beautiful wrapping job she did on my gift though :) 

Saturday morning we got an early start and headed to Octane for coffee after a delicious continental breakfast at the hotel. 

Together again!!

After coffee we headed back towards Little Five Points to do some major vintage shopping. The first stop? Rag-O-Rama- a vintage and consignment mecca. We all made out with some scores!

I got this great silk Broadway & Broome blouse for $18, a red leather purse for $11, and these brand new Jeffrey Campbell studded loafers for $50. 

Walking between the vintage stores we saw a ton of people dressed up for Halloween and the further we went into Five Points we realized there was an event going on. We asked a lady selling handmade masks about it and she informed us that there was a HUGE Halloween parade happening that afternoon!

We were pretty impressed with the vintage selection in just that one area. We also went to a couple of record stores before finally settling in for a delicious Greek lunch while we waited for the parade to start. We had a few hours to kill but didn't want to lose our killer parking spot. 

The parade was awesome- there was estimated to be 35,000 people there and I wouldn't be surprised if there were more! I'll post about that separately :) After the parade we headed back to Condesa for a snack and more coffee to keep us going. We ended up at H&M and some cute local shops before finally having dinner at Surin. Yum! 

After dinner we went back to the hotel room to get ready for our big night! 3 pairs of  heels, a plethora of sequins, and oodles of glitter later, we were ready to go to Blake's for Mary Ellen's and my very first drag show! We finished out the night at another nearby club before catching a glamorous taxi van back to the hotel. It was a late night but one I can guarantee none of us will ever forget ;) The next morning Eryn got an early start back to Auburn and left Mary Ellen and I on our own. We went to the other Octane after Eryn raved via text message about their pasties. Mary Ellen had the cheddar waffles and I got the blueberry buttermilk buckle. It was all scrumptious! After breakfast we sought out the Anthropologie and did a bit more shopping until lunch time where we went to Woody's-- again an Eryn suggestion paired with ScoutMob saving us 50%! We both got tasty Polish sausage sandwich and for $3 and some change we were pleased as punch! 

It was a really fantastic weekend with my 2 favorite girls. It was incredible to have them both in one place since they are both from different walks of my life. I suppose now I need to accept that my birth-date has past and I can start to enjoy my 25th year. I know it's going to be a good one!