You know it's been too long since you've blogged when Wordpress doesn't remember your password anymore! All of November has been a blur and I thought after the Porter Flea on Dec 1st life would be back to normal. Not so much. I am still running around trying to finish things and jump on opportunities while my Etsy store is sold out and I have orders coming in non-stop! To give you some idea- I have a HUGE (6ft by 5ft) commissioned piece that's due tomorrow which Roger and I stayed up until 2AM working on, I am halfway through an email on Etsy open in one tab, I have a halfway finished contract with Scoutmob open in another tab, iPhoto has been open for weeks trying to go through the Porter Flea photos (toooo many to count!), and I am trying to accomplish all this while sitting here at my first day of my new job. Oh, I didn't mention that I got a new job? See! My life is just flying past my very own eyes! I can't keep up! Hopefully I will be able to get some sleep in the next year or so and then I will finally be able to catch up and then catch YOU up! In the meantime I am still alive and appreciate your patience!