Bowling, costumes, and UNLIMITED SODA POP!

My last couple of days have been pretty packed full of activities. I feel like I've been here forever- it's only been 5(?) days! All of the camp songs are coming back to me slowly but surely and I'm getting back into the swing of things! I've had to make muffins the last 3 days. I made cinnamon orange streusel the first day, lemon poppyseed yesterday, and sprinkle (aka funfetti) today. So far everyone has loved them, so that's good! I also had to make some brownies yesterday- it wasn't my recipe and they were SUPER fudgey but everyone seems to have loved them.

Wednesday night they surprised us with a trip to the bowling alley and the famous Dolly's Dairy Bar- a delicious local ice cream shop. We all got super dressed up and made our way to town. When you're at camp it's kind of hard to remember that the real world is going on around you. When we showed up in bus loads dressed to the nines at the bowling alley we got some pretty strange looks. Even stranger were the looks when we belted out Rockbrook Camp Forever in "perfect" harmony! It was all fun though. After bowling they treated us to ice cream- nearly an entire pint in a cone! Dolly's has tons of custom flavors and since there are SO many camps around here they have named most of them after the camps. Rockbrook Chocolate Illusion is chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips and brownie pieces. My favorite is the Wayfarer's Overload- white chocolate ice cream with dark chocolate raspberry truffles and raspberry swirls. YUM! We were late getting in so I pretty much crashed and had to wake up the next morning to bake.

Yesterday I had to make muffins (lemon poppyseed recipe courtesy of my mom) then brownies for dessert. The recipe for brownies was something my boss had on hand. They were SUPER dense and they had chocolate up the wazoo! Saturday we're having strawberry shortcake for dessert so I had to make the pound cake for that. Let me add a very long side note about the strawberry shortcake: I am reading a cheesy murder mystery book I bought used in Chicago called Strawberry Shortcake Murders. There is a whole series of various dessert flavored tragedies but this one sounded most appetizing (snicker snicker). Anyhow a few chapters in, after the main character finishes baking her famous strawberry shortcake for a contest, I turn the page and lo and behold: the recipe!! When Rick, my boss, showed me the schedule that had strawberry shortcake tentatively penciled in, I jumped at the opportunity to try out my new recipe! For the pound cake you use, there is so much butter and cream in it, that it gets richer and more flavorful if you allow it to sit in the fridge for a few days before serving, so I had to make a 4x of the recipe yesterday so it could sit until we eat it Saturday.

(Tons of muffins!)

(Biggest batch of brownies I've ever made!)

For breakfast, my boss made what he calls a Dutch Baby. It's essentially a Dutch pancake which is very eggy and soufflé like. You squeeze some lemon juice on it, sprinkle it with powdered sugar, and top with various fruits. DELICOUS.

In the afternoon we had to go to our activity areas to get organized and make a lesson plan. That also meant I had to teach my co-counselors how to make everything in there because apparently they don't have anyone specializing in crafts this year- well aside from me, of course :) We worked on friendship bracelets, pot holders, hemp bracelets, and bead looms. Now they know the basics, but I'll definitely have to be there for support. Each activity has to make up and perform a skit to the kids to try and explain what everything is so they can pick what they want to sign up for. We had to work on that as well... it's pretty miserable. We made up a song to the tune of twinkle twinkle little star:

"Friendship bracelets and headbands,

woven baskets and pot holders.

I can't wait to make them all,

and show them off at the mall.

All your friends will want some too-

so come sign up and make some for YOU!"

Gag, right? Oh well, the kids will love it, lol. After working on that, we went to evening program to learn some good get-to-know-you type games for the kids and finally milk and cookie time! Unfortunately, they forgot to bake the cookies, so it was milk and 2nd-serving-of-brownie time! After that Chelsea (one of my friends from the last time I was here) and I parked ourselves on rocking chairs on the back porch of the senior lodge overlooking the lake. It was nice and cool out so we ended up sitting there and chit chatting for over 3 hours! We had a lot of catching up to do! When we finally decided it was time to get some sleep, she walked the 100 yards to her cabin and I began the trek down the entire senior line (8 cabins long). In a matter of seconds I realized there were NO lights on.... and it was SOOO dark. I managed to make it about halfway before the trail curved so the dark was exaggerated by the shadows of all the cabins. I got about five feet in and I couldn't even see my hand in front of my face- let alone any cabins to guide me back to my room! *Note to self: FLASHLIGHT!* I hustled back to Chelsea's cabin and called for her as quietly as possible so I could borrow her flashlight and not die. She came to my rescue and I made it to my room in one piece and immediately passed out into a dreamless slumber. I did wake up halfway through  the night to bundle up a bit, I forgot how chilly it gets at night!

It was a productive last couple of days. I'm slowly getting to know my way around the kitchen and have begun to get back into crafting. Hopefully I'll have the time to blog continuously this summer, I'll find out more about my schedule when the campers get here Sunday. In the meantime, enjoy some pictures from our costume bowling and ice cream trip:

(Sophie, one of our directors)

(The bowling package came with unlimited soda pop which we were all very excited for, as you can tell by the line!)

(Eva, one of the girls I knew from the last time I was here. She was also the one who let me borrow her 80's prom dress for a costume... pictures to come)

(Frampton and Amy)

(Chelsea looking amazing. Half Spiderwoman, half Tinkerbell, off to save the world!)

(Jeff, a co-owner of the camp)

(Harry Potter enjoying her Dolly's!)