Bumble Bee

So I am sitting here at Mary Ellen's lake house right now while she goes for a run. Adorable Jada is keeping me company.

It's been a great trip so far even though I didn't find shoes for the rehearsal dinner in DC. Monday we drove up there (3.5 hrs) and hung out and did tons of shopping- the Tyson's Corner malls are amazing! (Check out Cusp and Madewell which are two wicked stores) Then we stayed the night in this stellar hotel called the Palomar. Way artsy! Tuesday morning we were going to see the Holocaust museum but it was way packed so we walked around the Washington Monument and saw the capitol building before taking the Metro out to Alexandria to do some more shopping. The antique costume jewelry store was sort of a bust but Mary Ellen did find a great necklace for her bridesmaid dress. Speaking of bridesmaid dresses we found one at JCrew that is perfect and I am totally in love with it but it is VERY bridesmaid-y not something she could wear ever again, really. So we went to the JCrew catalogue store yesterday and we found another amazing one in a better color but it was several sizes too big so now we are on a hunt. 
Back to the trip- Tuesday afternoon we went and picked her sister up from the airport from her month long trip to Africa (her hair was braided and it looked really cool!) then we decided to drive to Baltimore. There was some good shopping in the inner harbor area (Whole Foods included) and then there was a fiasco with deciding to get a hotel or not which we did then canceled. We went and sat at the harbor for a little while taking pictures but then there were these creepy guys that kept asking if we could take their picture... that sort of made our decision to drive home that night. We ended up driving back to DC to eat dinner in front of the white house which that area is way prettier at night. We waved to Obama, ate our dinner and headed out. Made it back around 3:30 that morning. Yesterday we went and played 5 games of racquetball of which I lost every one.... then ate at Panera and just chilled at the lakehouse for the night. 
I decided while I am here I am going to make full use of Mary Ellen's full metals studio and my first (probably the only) project is a bumble bee necklace based on this picture:
It's turning out alright so far but we'll see what the finished product looks like! I made Mary Ellen promise not to let me use black and yellow beads so get that tacky picture out of your head! Stay tuned for more updates on my trip to VA. 
P.S. I applied for my first post-grad job (I want to see that movie too) and I am crazy...
P.P.S. We went to see The Ugly Truth- DON'T! It's an extremely vulgar movie... entertaining but the characters are very one-dimensional and it's just not worth the money.