Camp Blogging Fail + a new friend!

Besides being completely exhausted every night after work, be it babysitting, baking, or teaching, I have been slacking on blogging this summer for another reason: motivation. Last summer everything was new and fresh to me and while there are tons of new people and different experiences, the basics are all pretty much the same. I wake up, I bake muffins, then I teach weaving. It's difficult for me to be inspired to blog when I feel like I've said it all before. But that also means that when something different and new happens, I am super excited to share it with you! This year, my third here are Rockbrook, is also the first year I've gone down to the barn to see the horses. Lily and Eva take riding lessons so I've had a couple opportunities to join them down there. 

Today at breakfast, I got word of another snake capture. The nurses found one by the health hut and swept him into a garbage bag for further identification. Jeff came to get me immediately and we confirmed that it's a baby copperhead. And a cute one, at that! He is barely 6 inches long and probably hatched within the last few days. When I asked Roger for permission to keep a baby snake, without divulging the species, Roger asked how big it was going to get first-- not whether or not he is venomous! That guy gives me way too much credit! :-P In the meantime, the baby is in a jar in my cabin until I can get across the river to release him tomorrow. I just love his pretty eyes and bright yellow tail!