"camping" with the in-laws

On Friday evening, after my day with Eryn, Roger met us in Nashville and we headed to Carthage, TN to meet the rest of his family at the Defeated Creek Marina. His mom had rented a couple of cabins and we were staying right on the lake. Roger and I ended up sleeping on the most uncomfortable pull-out couch in the world that night. Saturday morning we all woke up and headed to the docks to get on a speed boat. It was time for some water skiing! Roger went first and it was his first time ever, of course he was amazing and got up on his second go. It took me a few more tries before I was steady. We got some really great pictures of the day so I hope you're ready!!

(Some fun montages of us wiping out!)


(Roger's Grandad was the captain)

(The water was SUPER warm- especially compared to the spring fed ones at camp)

(He was WAY better at going over the wakes than I was)

(I failed at going over the wake- but look at that falling form- It's like I've had practice or something!)

(His first attempt at knee-boarding)


(Closeup of the face-plant)

(Still falling)

(....still falling)

(And back on the horse!)

(And back off the horse)

(Now, he's got it!)

(He's a pro!)

(....or not)

(This was the extent of my wake boarding experience. I didn't have the arm strength to hoist myself up)

(I'm way better at water-skiing anyways!)


(I told him this one looks like he's in a James Bond flick being pursued by a jet skier!)

(One foot!)

(No feet!)

After a long day of water sports we headed back to the cabins for some ice cream, carp feeding, subway eating, and marshmallow roasting. All in all, an exhausting day!

(So many deer in the field!)

(I built this fire 99% by myself, with only a TINY bit of Roger's help ;) )

(JUMBO Marshmallows = JUMBO Deliciousness)

(I may have had 4...)