Catch up

A quick update/explanation as to where I've been this past week! Well, Thursday was my 24th birthday- yay! (SO. OLD)

Roger surprised me with a cake when I woke up and he even put candles on it! Granted he forgot how old I was turning because he wrote '23' instead of 24, but it's the thought that counts, right?! The rest of the day was spent sitting around waiting for him to get done with work. When he was finally finished for the day we headed out to the Green Hills mall for my birthday shopping spree (his gift to me!) We hit up Nordstrom, the Gap, J. Crew, Anthropologie accessories store, and Banana Republic before heading across the street to Anthropologie. I got some awesome stuff and I even convinced Roger to try some clothes on (he's needed a new wardrobe for years!) He ended up with some pretty great finds as well- like an awesome buck head shirt, and a super sexy pair of Diesel jeans, also a great thermal shirt that's super soft. I got a couple shirts from Anthro, an AMAZING necklace from the accessories store, some cute colorful tights and a sweater from J. Crew, and new bowls. To finish off the night, we ate dinner at the Cheesecake Factory which ended up making me sick, but it was a great birthday besides that!

Friday morning my mom arrived in town with some more of our Ikea purchases from last weekend that wouldn't fit in our car. It was a welcome visit because we always manage to get stuff accomplished when my mom is there to help. Saturday morning My dad came with his truck and tools, ready to do some handy work on the house. We had an entire list of things to get accomplished this weekend and we managed to get all of them done- woohoo! So we spent all day yesterday switching out the washer and dryer, fixing the leak on the washing machine, fixing the leaky ice maker, re-sealing the shower drain, installing a new (unbroken) sprayer in the kitchen, fixing a hole in the fence, organizing all of our clothes, building our new bed, installing our new bedroom lights, flipping outlets right-side-up, steam cleaning the floors (with my nifty new steam mop), moving the internet cable into the basement instead of going through my studio, trimming the headboard to fit, putting my new rugs down, ordering our new windows,  making several trips to Lowes and Home Depot, and finally going to downtown Nashville for my birthday dinner at Joe's Crab Shack :)

(S'mores dessert from Joe's)

Now do you understand why I have been so neglecting of you? I promise I won't let it happen again. :) So now that all those little things are done, we can focus on unpacking the last 2 rooms and then it's time to paint!! Chalkboard paint, here we come!! Oh, and pictures too, I suppose ;)

Today I dressed up super cute went to an open interview for a seasonal job. I think it went really well (knock on wood). The start date is Nov 6, and I am expecting to hear by Thursday. They're only hiring 3 people so fingers crossed!

Before I forget- I wanted to tell you that I LOVE Nashville! Everything is here and our house is amazing. Our bedroom actually looks like a bedroom, our closet functions as a closet, my studio has everything I could ever want-- I couldn't be more happy!

(Sunset in downtown last night)