Celebratory Dinner and a birthday gift

Tomorrow is my first official day of work. That being said, I got woken up this morning at 7AM by my new boss asking me to come in and help out because he had a meeting to go to. So I got my butt out of bed, took a quick shower and hightailed it to the office (kitchen). I was a little intimidated since it's been several months since I did any serious cupcake decorating but I had to jump right in. 6 hours later, I discovered muscles in my hands that I never knew existed. I came home and fell asleep immediately. Fun day, right? Remember that one time I was happy- watching Lifetime Movies all day long and chowing down on bon bons?! Oh, those were the days. That was yesterday... in fact. Having a job is a good thing, though- it keeps us in our brand new house, buys us chalkboard paint, and feeds us steak dinners. And, as far as jobs go, I mean decorating cupcakes-- can't get much better than that. Speaking of steak dinners- that's how we celebrated tonight :) Steak and potatoes and Blue Moon Pumpkin Ale (recommended by Eryn)- yum!

And for dessert? Roger was inspired by a post on Reddit and this is our take on it: an apple, a little vanilla ice cream, a drizzle of caramel, and a sprinkling of cinnamon. It tasted like a ball of autmney goodness! Super easy and fun to make, too!

Hey, remember that one day last week? My birthday? Do you also remember that shopping spree Roger took me on? Rogers parents and siblings all chipped in and told me to treat myself to something cool from them as well. Well Rebecca, Taylor, Joanna, Mark, Kay, and Dexter- here it is! A necklace from the Anthro accessories store (where else?!) that was handmade by an artist in Philadelphia. It's made using a stone called landscape jasper- I've never seen anything like it before! Thanks guys!!

Tomorrow I am scheduled to work at 6:30, another day in the wonderful world of cupcakes. Time for bed.