Roger and I LOVE coffee. We LOVELOVELOVE it. I am sure you all had NO idea, especially considering I probably didn't post a picture of a latte-a-day the week before Porter Flea... Anyhoo, a brief history: It all began with Eryn. I feel like a lot of my stories begin that way. I was never a huge fan of hot coffee drinks and then Eryn came along. She said "hey! Why does coffee have to be hot?!?" Not that this was some revolutionary idea in the grand scheme of the world, but it sure was a stepping off point for me! She brought me my first iced latte exactly 3 years ago today a few years ago, and I have been hooked since. While we were still in Huntsville we bought ourselves an espresso machine so I could have my fix before heading to bake at 5AM. Starbucks wasn't open that early. It's kind of escalated from there.

We even got to see mecca a Kona coffee plantation in Hawaii!!

Since then, we've tried coffees from all over the country and even a few from Europe! This is a years worth of coffee:

The coffee cart we had in the dining room was getting a little too small for our needs so for Christmas, my parents surprised us with a brand new one- handmade, at that! It is built from some antique can molds from a factory in Cincinnati. And customized to personally suit our needs. It even has a granite top!

Now that we had a fancy new bar, we needed a fancy new espresso machine... one that could actually steam milk! So we treated ourselves for Christmas. This is our coffee corner now!