Cookies and slidinnnngggg

Wow! What a day :) I started off by making some lemon poppyseed muffins- always a classic. After that I had to make a gluten free cake for a birthday that we later found out is actually tomorrow. At least we're prepared! After that I made a TON of cookie dough b/c I couldn't remember just how much each batch makes. I ended up doing a 12x. I did my moms basic chocolate chip recipe and did half with snickers bars pieces and the other half with reeses pieces- actually pieces of reeses PB cups :-p I had to put them in rolls for the night people to cut up and bake but I had some left over that I just went ahead and made. I had to test them, right?!? THEY. WERE. PHENOMENAL! I gave half to the directors and ate the other half, lol.

(sooo much cookie dough!)

(Yes. There is in fact a bite taken out of one.)

(Fresh made guacamole for lunch)

After baking I had a date with Bailey to try out the slide for the first time! We had to get wet first otherwise we wouldn't go as fast down it so we both jumped off the diving board.

We were both properly saturated so we went down the slide! It should be called the Big Wedgie. At the very end you can look forward to that, lol. I handed my camera off to the lovely Sara to take some terrific pictures of us!



(Bailey showing that her water resistant watch had actually survived!)

(Couneslors posing!)