cuppity cakes

Eryn making tons of boxes!

Hannah posing with her boxes
I am so sad I'm not closing with these girls anymore. They are a blast to work with. 

Mmmmm cupcakes!

I've been working there for nearly 3 months and I still think they are so pretty!

Pretty, right?

The cutest mini cupcakes I've ever seen. They are only about the size of a silver dollar and have marshmallow cream filling. 

I got to work at 3AM this morning with my manager Michelle and together we made over 1,000 mini cupcakes and probably about that many regular sized ones as well! You can't really see in this picture but the racks behind Michelle are FULL and there are cupcakes on every surface. We had to let some cool in the turned off oven because we had no space! I made some of the yummiest pink peppermint ones, unfortunately I didn't get pictures of those.
Tomorrow I have a day off that I am spending in Nashville with Eryn. Be ready for pictures galore!!