Current goings on

In the back of my head I think about the promise I made you to blog about something particular every day. I currently have a ton of stuff on my plate right now (excuses, excuses, I know!) but I for cereal do and one of them is what will soon get me started on carrying out that promise. Here are but a few things I am working on:

1. I got my book in the mail, woohoo!!
And, like I was afraid it might, it inspired me to want to make tons of stuff that I don't really have the time to make! I am taking a 2 day break from one particular project right now to get my head straight and regain some focus and during this time I am going to work on making myself a dress out of this book. It's my gift to myself for Joanna's wedding, lol. We'll see how that goes!
2. My house is still a huge mess! We got all the big pieces put together and moved around how we want but now that leaves going through all the little stuff and getting organized... woopee... I am very embarrassed about what our office/studio space looked like before the big re-do so no pictures of that until I have a finished picture to accompany it. Let's just say it REALLY got out of hand and now I never want to leave this room, it's so great! These were taken in the process:
3. I am moving little blog to Word press.... because.... well I like their interface better and I can blog on the go, as well as hopefully be able to use Firefox as opposed to having to open up Safari every time I want to blog. This is also going to be the unveiling of a brand new look for my blog. This is a ginormous project though, because I have to somehow make my interests look interesting to someone other than myself-- I actually want people to read my blog!
4. Crap, there was something else... oh right. Roger has been urging me to come work out with him now that I'm not working.... I did like 60 sit ups yesterday and considered riding the bikes... but...well...