Custom Order

Hey remember that one time that I didn't post a new blog post for like 3 weeks? Yeah, well this is what I spent my time doing! I got a HUGE custom order at the Etsy event for 4 scarves and 12 ombré napkins. The first one is a hand-dyed yellow bamboo and cotton summer weight scarf with a twill pattern and twisted fringe:

The second one is for a young girl who wanted pale pinks, purples, and yellow- oh and of course, sequins! This is 10/2 cotton and super lightweight as well. The sequins are hand sewn to both ends. 

The third one is 10/2 and 5/2 cotton that is hand-dyed in various shades of blue. 

The last one is a combination of browns and tans all hand dyed and also 10/2 and 5/2 cotton. This is a twill weave with hand twisted fringe. 

Lastly, I had to make 12 cotton napkins that I dyed darker at one end to achieve the ombré effect. 

I am SUPER happy with how everything turned out- even though it ended up being way more work that I expected. I had to re-dye and re-weave the yellow and pink/purple scarves and the brown/tan one I had to re-do twice! I also had to order softer yarn because the cotton wasn't always soft enough! I do have 6 extra cotton napkins to sell on Etsy so that worked out :)