Here is your Thursdaily dose of cute:

I have been completely off my game as far as blogging goes lately. I apologize to all of my devoted readers. I will make it up to you, I promise! Starting next week I am going to blog on a much more regular basis-- scouts honor. I've sort of been in a slump lately and have not felt much like doing anything artsy, including blogging, but that's no excuse to leave you guys hanging! I have some exciting things coming up in the next few weeks though, so that should give me something to raise my spirits and blog about!
Here is what my next couple of weeks looks like:
-This weekend I am sewing with Rebecca and hanging out with Beth and Zach- mainly low-key
-Next week Mary Ellen is flying in on Wednesday just to see little old me. I haven't seen her since the wedding so I am uuber psyched! We have already decided to have an adventure and craft our butts off!
-The weekend after I am going to see Billy whom I haven't seen since the wedding either! He got himself a wicked camera (almost as cool as mine) so we are going to take thousands of pictures.
-After that nothing much, only the biggest and best wedding celebration evah!!!! Ahem, yeah the time we've all been anxiously (some more so than others) awaiting is here. Joanna and Mark getting hitched! I really really cannot wait until that weekend. I've seen it slowly come together and now it's finally happening! (Don't be stressed Joanna!!!!)
Here is just the tiniest preview of that special day:
So TONS to blog about soon!
Hope you liked today's cute!
PS I am not happy that I missed both NCIS and Project Runway this week, and that I know who got eliminated. Grrrr...