Day 1 of Hawaii

SO I tried to post on here yesterday but we couldn't get the internet working and we were WAY to tired to try and fuss with it. Our evening consisted of pizza, beer, and bed. A quick re-cap of our day goes as follows:  drank lots of coffee, tried guava juice, went snorkeling, saw tons of sea turtles and still think they're da bomb, took lots of underwater pictures with my new camera housing, booked several excisions for early this week, toured the oldest Kona coffee plantation on the island, found a chameleon, drank more coffee, cultivated a pearl, ate Domino's, drank beer, went to bed at 7:30 (12:30am HSV time) All in all, a wonderfully relaxing first day on the island and here are some pictures to prove it :)

The majority of the pictures I'm posting on the go are courtesy of Roger. I am toting around my dads old 35mm camera and taking roll after roll of film to be seen at a later date :) (Oh, except most of the underwater pictures are mine!) Stay tuned for a re-cap of the exhausting day we spent at South Point today! Aloha!