December 2 and Ten Things (T)Wednesday! Part 1

December 2 Restaurant Moment. Share the best restaurant experience you had this year. Who was there? What made it amazing? What taste stands out in your mind?
The best restaurant moment for me is a tie. It's between Ramsi's in Louisville with Mark, Joanna, Rebecca, Taylor, and Roger OR
The Walrus in Antwerp with Roger. They have incredible food and a great atmosphere!
Alright a VERY late 10 things Tuesday. This week it's my 10 favorite moments/pictures from the honeymoon! Ok after going through all of them, there is NO way I can choose just 10 so I am going to do this in at least 2 goes!
This was the best one I had. It just had powdered sugar on it. YUM! But the next best would have to be........
this one!!
2. The view from our bed and breakfast at 3:30 AM when we were awake from jetlag. We meant to take a 2 hour nap but it ended up lasting like 7...
3. The Frozen Fountain!
Coolest. Store. Ever.
But all the shopping there was just amazing!
4. Rogers first taste of mussels and some yummy herb butter and rolls! We took pictures of pretty much all our meals. They were all delicious except one. When we were waiting to see Twilight we got a piece of strawberry cheesecake that was the worst thing ever!
5. Love this picture
(Taken at our B&B)
6. EDDIE IZZARD!! I managed to surprise Roger with tickets to see his Stripped show the second night he was in Amsterdam. He is our favorite comedian and it was really something special to get to see him on our honeymoon!
7. The redlight district-- what an experience!! The swans and red lights reflecting on the canals was just beautiful though! The stores nearby were crazy!
8. This is like any kids dream jungle gym:
9. Strolling through Vondlepark we came across a fountain, but if you look hard you can see a bride in the background! I love this picture! It's so fairytale-esque